• If we don't recognise your glass, try again. If we still don't recognise your glass you can keep trying until you're successful.

      Some tips:

      • Use an official Stella Artois chalice with the Stella logo.
      • Try and capture the whole glass.
      • Make sure the Stella logo is clearly visible.
      • Best to use a neutral background.
      • You can hold the glass in your hand, but try not to cover the glass and the logo too much.
      • Full, half full or empty glasses will all be recognised, but a full one works best.
    • This app is intended to be used on a modern smartphone. If you have a phone without a camera we're sorry but you can't participate. The same if you use this app on a desktop computer; you will get a message that you need to use your mobile.

    • If you've never taken a picture before using the web browser on your phone, you might get a request to allow this. You can safely do so, this question is a standard feature of your phone and will only popup once.

    • You can only participate once a day. If you're out of tries you can always try again tomorrow.

    • If you are a winner... Congratulations!
      What should you do? Nothing.

      We will ask you for some additional information like your address.. Then all you need to do is wait for your exclusive prize to be delivered. If you do not receive your prize after some time, contact us at [[support email]]

    • Sometimes our emails won’t reach you – they may end up in a spam filter or fall through the cracks of the internet. Don’t worry, the confirmation email is just a nice extra to show your friends that you’ve won. At the moment of entry, your data was immediately captured. We’ve got your back and we will reach out to you.

    • If you couldn’t complete the step where you supply us your personal data – which we need to contact you – there is a simple solution. Just start over with a new scan with the same email address you used when you won. We will know it's you, tell you once more you've won, and offer you a new opportunity to enter your contact data.

      Don't get too excited; though you might get the message "you've won" twice, we will only send you one prize ;-)

      Did you enter a wrong name or address? It must have been the excitement of winning ;-) Don't worry, we will ship your prize to the home address you've supplied. You might not get a confirmation mail but the important thing is you will receive your prize!

    • If you have questions regarding this Stella Artois sweepstake we advise you to read the Game Rules.